Monday, February 28, 2011

Skottie: 2 Birds of a Feather

I'm super excited about this week as we're going to be diving into Batman villains. What a fun bunch of crazies.

The Penguin always lets you really push a the shape of the human body and really step outside your normal approach. I also wanted to put the brush down for a minute and play with some pens in a more scratchy style.

9x12 Bristol, inked with india ink Pitt Pens.



Don't worry, we won't always stick to a Rogues Gallery, but this week we wanted to keep up the freakshow of crazy bad guys. Comin' at you all week, same Bat-time, same Bat-channel!

Today, THE PENGUIN. 9" x 12", sumi ink on bristol. $100 plus $6 shipping ($15 interantional) E-MAIL if you'd like to hang this hooligan at home!

Friday, February 25, 2011

For the people: RHINO AND GG

Nothing like a guy running around in a big animal suit. And Green Goblin...yeesh. 9" x 12", sumi on bristol. E-MAIL if you'd like 'em! $100 a pop...oh, each illo comes shipped inside a hardcover copy of TIGER!TIGER!TIGER! to keep 'em flat.

See you Monday!




Rhino and Green Goblin

Thanks a ton for all the votes. It seemed that Green Goblin and Rhino were neck and neck for most of the day so we decided to just do both. Don't get used to this!! :)

 We're ending our first week of these daily sketches and I'm already starting to feel quicker and letting the brush do the heaving lifting. I'm hoping that the next few weeks will have me going even faster and seeing what happens on the first instincts.

Thanks to everyone for the incredible level of support of our doodles and ramblings.


Thursday, February 24, 2011

FRIDAY: YOU pick the Spidey Villain!

That's right, YOU. Top vote gets chosen...then SkottieScott will make it happen. Vote on TWITTER, and hash tag it #SkottieScott ! Then sit back, relax, and prepare to cry with joy.

Night of the Hunter!

I've always wanted them to cast Ian McShane as Kraven. Not that this looks like Ian McShane, but still. Kraven's my favorite of the Spidey villains. There's a film reference in this one, too, so bonus points if you know it. This guy took maybe 25 minutes to draw and another 15 to color. 9"x 12", sumi ink on bristol. E-MAIL me if you want him for your trophy case, $100 plus shipping.


That's so Kraven

Oh, Kraven. You're character design is just ridiculous. You're a hunter in a ballet slippers. Scott has been killing with his humorous takes on the previous characters and I couldn't help but jumping in on that with todays sketch. No much else to say on this big furry fool.

Penciled digitally, printed and inked with brush on 9x12 bristol board. Quick color study in photoshop. About an hour.

A quick note. You'll probably be able to catch both of our pieces between 12-1pm central time. Since Scott is on the west coast I'm usually a few hours into work by the time he gets to his. I'll be auto posting for 12 central time each day for those in a race to grab the originals. 


Wednesday, February 23, 2011


We've decided to keep this week rolling with Spidey villains and todays is Mysterio.

I like to think about the actual person in the suit before I start looking for the shape of a character. Mysterio is a special effects guy. This tells me that he's more artistic and in his own mind. The kind of guy that gets lost in the details of working on his projects and days can go by without leaving the workshop. So I feel like he should be a skinny, weaker framed guy instead of the traditional muscle bound general frame every character gets. He wouldn't remember to eat his meals, let alone make it to the gym. I think that the glass dome feels more imposing on a the smaller frame as well.

This was done in about 45 mins. Penciled digitally, printed out and inked with brush and white out pen on 9x12 bristol board. Tones done in Manga Studio.


Life's Great MYSTERIO!

Nothing says "illusionist" like a monkey in a bubble. Behold! The ex-magician-stuntman-alien-invader-or-something-whatever-- MYSTERIO!


9" x 12", sumi ink on bristol. This took maybe 20 minutes to draw, 15 to color in Photoshop. E-MAIL if you want him!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


All right, it's gonna be tough following up Skottie every day when he knocks it outta the park like this. Still, I saw his post during breakfast, and since he's a few hours ahead of me, he might be posting before me some days and it'll be hard to NOT be inspired by the crazy directions he takes. I knew I wanted to "Rat Fink" Venom out a bit, but Skottie's nice, round shapes really got me and I hit the paper and brush at the breakfast table, knocking out what you see here while my 2-year old watched Dora the Explorer. So, these three took maybe 25 minutes or so to draw and ink, and color took another 15 or so, for kicks. E-MAIL if you want him!


Some days you'll get some "process" like this with multiple little drawings...some days just the big knuckle sandwich. At any rate, Venom's a bad guy, and bad guys have been known to go for joy rides. Someone's missing a Vespa.

Tongue of Tongues: Venom

Thanks for all the love yesterday. Scott and I are so excited about all the support so far.

Today we're keeping with the Spidey Villain theme and chose everyone's favorite tongue in comics, Venom. Venom is one of those character designs that make it hard to break away from. But I wanted to play against type here and see what he would look like if he was more on the puffy side instead of riddled with muscles. I like the idea that his mass would be moveable like thick jelly inside a tough rubber suit giving him the ability to displace and reshape his mass while in motion. Yes, I am a nerd... shut up. :)

This was drawn digitally, printed out and inked with brush on 9x12 bristol board. And a quick color study in photoshop. This took about an hour.

If you are interested in buying Venom send me an EMAIL. $100 plus $6 shipping US $15 international


Monday, February 21, 2011



Skottie said it! We're gonna slap you every day, we hope, with little ditties like this. Today it's the good doctor, Otto Octavius. Mine's a quick 15 minute traditional pencil and ink (well, black cell vinyl, I was out of ink...way to start the day). The color version is a 5-minute digital job, Photoshop. Love it or hate it, it's $100 for the original. Drop me a line if you want it and we'll figure out the specs.

See you tomorrow! Oh, but first, if you own an iPad, I'm part of a new launch today for an app called WHAMIX! My multi-Eisner-nominated book TIGER!TIGER!TIGER! is on there for your iPadding pleasure. Go grab it!

Doctor Octopus


I'm excited to start up this blog with Scott. I've been fan of his work and his approach to art for awhile now and it's going to be a blast to see us push each other. Tune in every weekday for a new character study from the two of us!

Here's my first entry for our daily sketches/warm-ups/doodles/scribbles or whatever you want to call them. I'm just trying to play around with shape and attitude. If I get quicker, I may add things like backgrounds or extra characters but right now I'm keeping it simple. Black and white character studies.

This piece is brush and ink on 9x12 bristol board.

All pieces on this blog will be for sale. $100 for most pieces from Scott and myself. If you're interested in this piece EMAIL me and I'll give you the paypal information.