Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Skottie: Fozzie Bear

I've always loved the Muppets would mix with the current pop culture of the time. So today I couldn't resist adding the Muppets resident stand-up comedian to the podcasting clutches of W.T.F. 's Marc Maron. This is probably what it would like like if Fozzie stopped by the cat ranch and had a chat with Marc.

UPDATE: A big thank you goes out to Marc Maron, comedian and host of W.T.F. When he saw this post he requested a color print of the piece and in return he offered a generous donation to the cause in Joplin, MO. We don't ever sell prints, and we won't be starting. But since this is a drawing of him, and for him I made an exception. It's for charity! So, my hats off to Mr. Marc Maron for being an all around great guy. Thank you, my friend.

9x12 ink on bristol board. Colors in Photoshop



  1. That's hilarious! Love the WTF podcast! Send a copy to Mark, he would love it!

  2. Great drawing. I'm also a huge fan of the WTF show and I think it's a pretty good caricature. Also, Fozzy looks so sad. Awesome that the money's going to Joplin.

  3. That is great. Nice! I love the podcast but thats so fucking true!

  4. Wait for it... Pow! I shit my pants!

  5. "Fozzie, I was probably a dick to you before the second time I got sober..."