Monday, May 30, 2011

A little traveling

Hey all. I'll be away from the blog for a bit. I'm leaving for North Carolina to attend Heroes Con in Charlotte. I'll be taking a few days after that to survey the NC area for possible places to relocate my family. We've hit our limit with Illinois winters so NC is topping our lists at the moment.   See you when I get back.


  1. I've got relatives there and they LOVE it. They all relocated from NY,NJ, and Long Island. Good Luck!

  2. Good luck with the travelling! Try Asheville, it has the most amazing support for local comics and artists I've ever seen, and Fanaticon is the shit :)

  3. I hear that. Not sure how many New England winters I have left in my back.

  4. My wife and I are moving back to North Carolina very soon, and are totally excited!!! There's a lot to love. Here's a few tips to help with the transition.

    Sweet Tea = Sugar Water:Tinted
    McDonald's/Bojangle's Tea = cavities inside a week.
    Church Tea = cavities inside an hour.
    Grandma's Sweet Tea = cavities within five minutes.

    Damn Yankee = usually a joke unless you've just cut someone off in traffic. (and traffic in Charlotte is nothing to sneeze at. I worked as a courier in Charlotte for 3 years. I ought to know.)

    "Bless your heart" is not as nice as you might suppose - especially if it's "bless your little heart." In that case some little old church lady just called you every name in the phone book.

    These warnings aside you have to check out Jakelope Jake's on 7th street just south of UpTown Charlotte for fried pickles. Thankfully there's a comic shop right down the road.

    In His Peace,

  5. Native North Carolinians are tough to find in Charlotte, there are TONS of northern transplants. It's a great place to live and the art community is growing steadily. I've been here three years now and I love it. You've got nice suburbs, a thriving downtown area (called Uptown for some reason) and you're only 3 hours from Charleston's beautiful beaches.

    The weather is nice too. There's enough variation in the seasons for you to appreciate each one. The summers are hot, but not unbearable, and the winter's are cold, but rarely see more than five inches of snow.

    Good luck with the traveling. I'll be at Heroes Con on Saturday, I'll be stopping by for sure!

  6. I think North Carolina is a great place to relocate and you will love the weather. I have been to Grenville about 3 years ago for a conference. Good luck to your travel!

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