Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Skottie: Hagrid

I'm back from Seattle and we're back on for this weeks sketches. We'll be diving into one of my favorite worlds... Harry Potter.

Hagrid is first up. I did this on 9x12 bristol with brush, inks and wash. A little color study in photoshop. This took about 50 minutes from start to finish.


All pieces from last will get shipped out tomorrow. I've been away for 5 days and will be getting back in the swing of things asap! Thanks to everyone who showed their love for our blog at ECCC. You all were awesome.


  1. Great work Skottie! Makes me want to see the rest of this adventure.

  2. So cool. So when can we expect Marvel's Harry Potter adaptations drawn by you?

  3. Wow, you guys are rocking these! Nice work!

  4. Man, you guys are on a roll! I love everything you're doing!