Tuesday, February 22, 2011


All right, it's gonna be tough following up Skottie every day when he knocks it outta the park like this. Still, I saw his post during breakfast, and since he's a few hours ahead of me, he might be posting before me some days and it'll be hard to NOT be inspired by the crazy directions he takes. I knew I wanted to "Rat Fink" Venom out a bit, but Skottie's nice, round shapes really got me and I hit the paper and brush at the breakfast table, knocking out what you see here while my 2-year old watched Dora the Explorer. So, these three took maybe 25 minutes or so to draw and ink, and color took another 15 or so, for kicks. E-MAIL if you want him!


Some days you'll get some "process" like this with multiple little drawings...some days just the big knuckle sandwich. At any rate, Venom's a bad guy, and bad guys have been known to go for joy rides. Someone's missing a Vespa.


  1. wow this is a great idea for a blog!! I will be checking back!

  2. Haha there's nothin I like more than seeing a serious type doing something stoopid :) cool man!

  3. Venom looks like he's having fun, maybe he's not such a bad guy after all...unless he is planning on eating that dog after his Vespa ride.

  4. I must say this is my new fav blog! Keep up the fantastic work and thanks for the inspiration!

  5. I love both of your work! This Venom is so squishy and adorable! Can't wait to see what you do next!